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There is one thing all students at the Fast Track have in common, we all can’t believe one week has gone by already.

Yesterday we all had our first coaching session. These sessions are very useful, they are individual feedback from an instructor and after discussing my results from the tests I needed to come up with 4 goals for the coming week. 2 goals for online and 2 for  for Freestyle.
My coach for the coming week is Julia  (3 star instructor from the US) and she helped me with some strategies to achieve those goals according to my horses horsenality and my weaknesses.
The test results where much better than I imagined. Sometimes I felt like a clumsy level 1 student, fiddling with my ropes, dropping my carrot stick, falling over my savvy string, and so on…all mainly caused by nerves and the uncomfortable feeling of being watched by much more advanced people, but apparently I made a total of 56.6%! That’s not bad at all for an official level  2 student. I expected about 35%. To pass the Fast Track and be able to attend the instructor course you need to get at least 80%.
What came to a surprise to me and at the same time was very interesting, was that my Finesse was better than my Freestyle. It suddenly made sense seeing I have a RBI that loves it when I hold his hand, in this case the contact via the bit. When there is no contact in Freestyle he can become quite worried and when he doesn’t know what to do, he starts going left, right, forward, backward sometimes because he thinks that is the right answer and sometimes because he just looses his confidence.

This goal setting is so simple, easy and yet one of those things I never managed to do on my own. Who doesn’t know this feeling?
2 goals per week is really not a lot and it just needs to be something you can do already, but add a little difficulty. Like for me it would be to do the direct rein and indirect rein without actually touching the reins, that definitely is one to think about isn’t it?
One of the most important things is that at the end of our 4 weeks we will be coached to be able to set those goals up for ourselves even after we left the course. Because weirdly enough we will learn the most after the course when we are processing and using the information.
I have heard so many interesting things this last week and lots of it has sunk in, while other things are just at the back of my mind, ready to be used at a later stage. I already learned to be much softer with my phases, for example my Yoyo game has such light phases now that you hardly see anything going on, but my horse is backing up. That is an incredible feeling!

Well, I wish I could say we are really enjoying the weekend, but that is not entirely true, we are inside the motor home and the rain is pouring, it has been raining since this morning, with some interruptions and even a little sunshine but mainly it is cold and every 5 minutes the sky opens up and drops tons of water down at the same time. This morning we were lucky enough to be able to play a bit with our horses. Now it’s quite impossible to go outside, but we’ll have to because we need to go clean the stables and clean our saddles and bridles…I hope we make it back without being soaked to our socks.

Well off we go, hope to write soon,


Laat hier van jou horen!

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  1. Hey Wendy,

    nice to read that everything goes smooth. I can make up at the tone of your story that your are really enjoying it. I am happy for you. I like reading everything you write.
    Big hug from me

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