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Hello World,

I created this blog upon popular request of those interested in my adventures in Stoneleigh Park during the month of August.

Yes you have read it right, I am one of the lucky 25 (bastards) that will attend the very first Parelli Fast Track course in the UK!

To start with, I am a writing freak, my English might not be the best you’ve read so far, which might be explained by the fact that my first two languages are Dutch and French, but I still hope you enjoy my writing and I hope to at least entertain you a bit with a smile, a tear and a sigh during this upcoming exiting month.

For me this Blog writing has a bit of a therapeutic effect, it helps me sort out ideas, thoughts, confusion, emotions and feelings. So don’t worry about me when you see blogs appear at a very late hour while I should be getting up very early in the morning, I can handle it!

My biggest challenge during that month will definitely be to emotionally cope without my kids and my boyfriend for an entire month! I have never been away that long and luckily my boyfriend will be visiting, but the kids unfortunately not. I am brining my laptop with webcam so I will be able to see them and talk to them, but it’s not the same. Those kids are the biggest achievement in my life and I will definitely miss their crazy and silly ideas, their smiles, their hugs and kisses.
Ah there are the first tears already, just thinking about it. But good thing I still have 2 weeks of quality time to spend with them, so I’ll make sure to enjoy it to the fullest!


My 8 year old Friesian gelding, Fresco is joining me on this exiting journey and although we already have a very strong bond,I feel that this experience will make us an inseparable duo. Here is a little picture of him in a photo shoot, isn’t he just adorable?  (p.s. that’s not me on his back-I wish!)


  Ok so for a first message I think I can close off now and leave you longing for the next one. I probably will be back on this blog by the 9th or  10th of August, that’s when the fun starts!

Make sure to follow the blog in order to get alerted of my next story.

Thank you for reading!