Today I pushed my boyfriend to do that one chore that I wanted to see done for a long time; the new fencing in the pastures.

Finally my horses have 4 different patches of grass which are all separated by a wire fence. We used to have 3 patches and they were separated by plastic poles with electric wire in them and that was not enough to keep our Shetland Pony contained in 1 specific patch. So we basically couldn’t let the grass grow on the other patches because mister always found a way to get in them and eat until his belly was full.

I simply adore that little rascal, he is so inventive, so naughty and such a sweetie at the same time, our lives would be soooo boring without him. We wouldn’t have to chase ponies around in the field because of a “houdini” like escape, we wouldn’t have the excitement of him chewing on the vets scanning machine, we wouldn’t have the joy of seeing him run around and play with the big green ball that is bigger then him, and so much more.
I remember feeling frustrated with him when we first got him, but now I’m starting to see the fun in it and he has grown on me!

The horses needed to wait the entire day for the new fencing to be ready, but what an excitement when they finally could go and explore the new setting. They were in the paddock for a few days while we were hoping for rain to make the grass grow. In the meantime they were being fed hay (I know crazy right during summer?), so you can imagine their joy of being back on the green green grass!

The trimmer came today and he took his time, he was with us for more then 2 hours and he had so many interesting things to say, we talked about horses health in general, about how the body of a horse works, we also talked about how everything needs to be rushed in the competition world. It was an enriching conversation and the cherry on top was that he managed to trim Missy’s feet in complete relaxation!
For those of you that don’t know Missy’s history, she is an extreme RBE that hardly trusts anyone or anything except for the people that have earned her trust. Her history is blurry but I know she got hit on her head with a pole to load her in a trailer and before I got her, she always had to be sedated before the trimmer arrived, for his safety apparently.
The first time she got trimmed at my place, I thought I had prepared her well, but I really had no idea! She had a huge fit and almost killed the trimmer and then me, all for the sake of getting away from that man and his tools. She reared, kicked, pushed us over, pulled the rope and even jumped over the hedge (1.50m) from stand still at a certain point. We only could get her a little relaxed after we had semi-tied her to the stables (she wasn’t tied, the rope was around a bar and I held on to the end of the rope and let it slide when she pulled).  I knew she had a trauma when it came to trimming, but it was way deeper then I expected. She was all fine with me and the trimmer until he put on his equipment, that’s when the panic started.

Today is officially the 3rd time she gets trimmed here (needless to say without sedation) and I’m proud to say that this is the result:

IMG00206-20100730-1139 IMG00209-20100730-1144

As you can see the lead line is on the floor!
Ah I love it when a plan comes together!

Fresco’s feet are all straight again, but according to the trimmer they weren’t as bad as I thought, they used to be even more crooked. He suspects the right lead problem to come from his tendons that are probably not stretched enough or too much due to his bad hoof situation. So the only thing we can do is keep on trimming the way he does and doing the shoulder in exercises and when he does give the right lead, let him do it long enough that he slowly gets used to the feeling again. It made me think about Stephanie Burns her book: Move closer, stay longer. 

Ah well, this weekend we are off to the Belgian coast for a weekend of medieval living in a tent with the clothes and everything.  So this lady will be unreachable for 2 days as she is going back in time when there were no cell phones, no computers or blogs, no facebook and even (I just found out) no potatoes nor pasta! This is the last weekend with my little family and I’m planning to enjoy it to the fullest!

Thank you for reading,


Wendy Joris
Wendy Joris

Al meer dan 30j gepassionneerd door paarden en mensen richtte Wendy Joris Mirror Horses VZW op in 2008 met als doel om zoveel mogelijk mensen en paarden hun leven te verbeteren zodat zij dan weer anderen hun leven positief kunnen beïnvloeden. Want zij gelooft in het "ripple" effect en dat iedereen zijn bijdrage levert in het verbeteren van de paardenwereld!

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