After a days rest, I started Farina’s training with nothing but the Friendly game. I went into the pasture, gave every horse their cookie and she came to me immediately. I starting mucking up the field and she followed me around like a puppy, very curious and self confident to be around me. Definitely a LB horse, she feels comfortable already after 1 night in a complete new environment with 2 new horses. Every now and then I gave her an extended scratching session and she really enjoyed it, didn’t seem to know what was happening though as she gently tried to scratch me back, hesitating as if she wasn’t sure that she was allowed to do this to me. My first observation is a confirmation of what I said yesterday, she loves to follow a leader around, she’s not the type to act as if she does not care when something happens in her surroundings. She’s curious and she shows it!

This afternoon I did a very low key play session with her to teach her the 7 games in more depth. I played the friendly game a lot, especially in between when she got worried by a phase 3 or 4. She is very intelligent, picks up the games quickly and seems to balance between extrovert and introvert when playing, sometimes she can’t move her feet, and sometimes that seems to be her only answer. Nothing is extreme though, she has a very soft and kind energy. What I did notice is her need to come very close to me to hide, not to push me away. She reminded me a lot of Fresco in that sense.
Let me list how the play session went:

  • Friendly: I can touch her everywhere with the stick, can swing the savvy string over her neck, zone 3, 4 and 5, can wrap the string around her front feet. (very LB)
  • Porcupine: I can get her to move back from the chest but it is with a lot of brace and definitely a phase 4 (again LB), rope feel is pretty good, I would give that a 6 or 7.
  • Driving: I can drive her hind end at a phase 1, front end is very bracy and shows the LB side of her again. Driving backwards is sticky still but I can get a few steps.
  • YO-YO: backwards is difficult and still need to go to phase 4, coming back is excellent, just a suggestion is enough to make her come to me.
  • Circling: did not do that one yet
  • Sideways: did not do that one yet
  • Squeeze: went through the gate of the play pen, which is low and narrow and she did not even budge, just went through calmly and relaxed. A very brave horse.

We played touch it and figure of 8; the touch it she is really starting to understand, I did use cookies to make her realize that there was a bonus in touching those items. She touched a barrel, cones, a tarp, a pedestal and the ball (that one she wasn’t too confident with).
The figure of 8 was not easy due to her sticky front end, but we managed to go around 3 times and at the end the pattern made sense to her. I quit when she tried to put her foot on the pedestal, that’s when I put her back with her new friends.
The purpose was to keep the rapport I created this morning and I did a good job because she followed me around still after putting her back.
So assignment nr. 1: SUCCEEDED!

There is only one problem though, this horse is superb, I have never had such a connection with a horse this quick. Too bad she is too expensive for me, but man what an incredible animal!
I mean, that she is gorgeous is obvious but having such a nice and kindred spirit, that is rare. Anyways I need to stay professional and not think about that, I do envy the person that will buy her though.

 IMG00337-20100913-1322 IMG00345-20100913-1327

Thank you for reading!


Wendy Joris
Wendy Joris

Al meer dan 30j gepassionneerd door paarden en mensen richtte Wendy Joris Mirror Horses VZW op in 2008 met als doel om zoveel mogelijk mensen en paarden hun leven te verbeteren zodat zij dan weer anderen hun leven positief kunnen beïnvloeden. Want zij gelooft in het "ripple" effect en dat iedereen zijn bijdrage levert in het verbeteren van de paardenwereld!

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